Physician Investments

Investing For Physicians

Many physicians see investments as a way to make up time and earning potential lost to more than a decade of medical school. Some may see investments as a way to capitalize wealth upon drawing a working salary. No matter the reason, physicians are in a unique position when it comes to investment strategies.

Investments can be incorporated into several facets of wealth management and financial planning, supplementing retirement resources, asset protection, and risk management. Whatever your aim is with investments, you need a knowledgeable professional that can find solutions that match your specific situation.
Using a tailored, client-centered approach, Cambridge Financial Group designs investment strategies that compliment your career profile and other financial instruments, to create a dynamic financial plan that meets your needs.

Good investment opportunities for physicians can include direct participation in the market through stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like. However, some physicians may find alternative investments are a better fit for their goals and risk tolerance. Alternative investments are investment opportunities that fall outside of traditional market participation and include:

Real Estate – this could be through direct purchase or through real estate investment trusts

Practice Ownership – some physicians can see a high return on investment through ownership share of a practice

Private Equity – long-term investment in the growth of a private company

What investment strategies and financial solutions will fit for you will depend on your unique situations. Call Cambridge Financial Group now to explore your options.

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