Professional Contract Review

Professional Contract Review

Physicians sign many contracts. This could be for employment with a hospital, participation in a group practice, a lease agreement for a private practice, or other business formation documents. These contracts serve as the basis of your business operation and outline all manner of necessary details—profit splits, compensation, rentals, etc. professionalcontractA professional contract review, is then, the evaluation by a legal professional of these documents to ensure that you are getting the best arrangement.

Blindly signing any document—especially a document that defines the terms of your career—can have severe consequences. This could lead to disputes, excess responsibilities, and expose you to legal liabilities. An issue like this could effectively derail your career.

As specialists in physician financial planning, and with over twenty-five years of legal experience, Cambridge Financial Group is adept at examining your contracts and ensuring that you are positioned for success.

Our review process applies to those currently under contract and those considering a new contract, and can be combined with our other financial services.

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